Department of Rumsfeld

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rumsfeld's appointment as Secretrary of Defense came at an opportune time in his career. He was a member of the transition team of George Ryan, then the newly elected governor of Illinois. It was not widely known at the time that George's Republican cabal had been using tax money to fund Republican political campiagns since 1991. Alan Drazek, one of Rumsfeld's fellow committee members, pled guild to tax evasion in a bargain that also required him to testify against Ryan's former Chief of Staff Scott Fawell. The criminal trial of George Ryan continues, as the prosecution struggles to present evidence of a tragic accident caused by a truck driver who purchased his license with a bribe while Ryan was Secretary of State. The prosecution seeks to prove that such bribes were business as usual under Ryan's administration, with fatal results. See today's story in The Chicago Sun Times