Department of Rumsfeld

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Free Speech Isn't Cheap

while trying to post a report that I had just emailed to the FBI, my personal internet sites were repeatedly blocked each time I attempt to post a copy of my report. As a result, I'm posting it everywhere I can. Why? The stalker is currently very near by on the Chemeketa Community College Campus and has threatened my life.
The report follows:



I have been experiencing an unusual pattern of stalking and harassment during the past 8 months by a group of individuals who:
(1) claim to be with the FBI
(2) claim that I am "fuckin' with people" with no reasonable explaination
(3) have willfully interferred with employment applications
I have an audio tape of 2 of the individuals and have had others witness this harrassment on several occassions.
I hope to discuss this matter with you in further detail.
Let me know when it would be best for me to visit your Salem office for an interview regarding this matter.
It seems that I am not the only individual in this area currently being harrassed by assailants who obviously are NOT associated with any law enforcement agency. I am certain you will be extremely interested in the variety of techniques they have used. Most of them are "low tech" but some of the effects they have obtained seem to be obtained with the use of "sound projection" and sensitive monitoring devices that are ordinarily only available to government agencies. This is the the real problem.

While writing this message, one of the stalkers at Chemeketa Community College has repeated several times "you are slitting yout throat" from a location in the library, near the computers. There are enough people here at the moment that it is, as usual dificult to pin down their exact location, although others have heard them on occassion. I have filed a police report here about previous harrassment on this campus, and have the name of a Chemeteka staff member who I think you ought to question regarding this matter - for several reasons: on 2 instances, one of their employees used a megaphone to harrass me while leaving the campus with the same type of messages that the stalkers typically deliver. There appear to be additional problems at the Chemeketa campus that you may be better equiped to analyse.

Please respond by email.

David Roknich