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Monday, November 03, 2003

Privatizing the Military Industrial

From the AP wire October 30, 2003

By paying civilians to handle military tasks, the Bush administration is freeing up U.S. troops to fight. But the use of contractors also hides the true costs of war. Their dead aren't added to official body counts. Their duties — and profits — are hidden by close-mouthed executives who won't give details to Congress. And as their coffers and roles swell, companies are funneling earnings into political campaigns and gaining influence over military policy — even getting paid to recommend themselves for lucrative contracts.

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Who Stood Down on 911

The system comes from Project Looking Glass —
technology developed under this project facilitates surveillance on a whole new level

The efforts to break down the wall of government secrecy on black projects come up against the basic official line that the government has the right to keep these secrets for purposes of "national security." However, on 9/11 the government really did have a legitimate national security interest and, using the quantum-based surveillance technology described below, actually had detailed advance warning of the attacks — and deliberately sat on this information in order to gain vast new funding for the C.I.A. and Pentagon, and a boost to the Bush presidency, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. story continues in Blogger's most controversial Blog
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