Department of Rumsfeld

Thursday, September 18, 2003

regarding Rumsfeld and fiscal responsibility: "For fiscal year 2000 alone, auditors for the Pentagon's Inspector General's Office found $1.1 trillion in bookkeeping entries that could not be tracked or justified.... ...Although this is not a new problem -- for fiscal year 1999 the Pentagon Inspector General reported $2.3 trillion worth of untraceable accounting entries -- the budget mess is prompting critical attention even from defense hawks." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, during his confirmation hearings in January, acknowledged that the problem is "terrifying" and "monumental," adding that "it's going to take a period of years to sort it out." Hard to believe Rumsfeld could ever be terrified... he has indeed proceded, undaunted by the fiscal disaster he acknowledged openly in his confirmation hearings, to increase the military budget with unprecedented abandon.