Department of Rumsfeld

Thursday, October 11, 2001

"U.S. citizens are not aware of the broad military plans of the U.S. for space because of the PR spin of the new Star Wars pitch (it's about protecting against a "Space Pearl Harbor," as the Rumsfeld Commission puts it, "just" about "missile defense") and due to communications media that are lazy and worse.
But other nations of the world do understand. That's why, at the United Nations last November 20, a resolution was introduced - on which 163 nations voted yes - for "Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space." It reaffirmed the basic international law on space, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, and specifically its provision that space be set aside for peaceful purposes. The United States abstained."

George Bush's America
"...the Rumsfeld review has concluded that the Pacific Ocean should now become the most important focus of US military deployments, with China now perceived as the principal threat to American global dominance.
The huge distances involved in the Pacific mean that the Pentagon must give additional priority to "long-range power projection", the report says."

"...In the past we had most to fear from charismatic tyrants. Today it is the technocrats, the "slight types" who efficiently run our government and dominate our age. It is the Dick Cheneys, who manage our withdrawal from the Kyoto treaty on global warming and cut spending on conservation; the Donald Rumsfelds, who lead the charge for missile defense and space war and disturb the world's nuclear equilibrium."
Wanted: Henry Kissinger

U.S. defense secretary discusses Turkey, Ukraine, Iraq, China
"Q: Then should we read your visit as a strong show of support for (Ukrainian) President (Leonid) Kuchma who has, you know, been implicated in the death of this journalist?
RUMSFELD: I would read it exactly as I have stated it. The Ukraine is an important country, and it's in a difficult transition as are most of the former Soviet republics, and we wish them well and we hope they continue on a path towards free institutions.
Q: But what about a free press?
No answer.

And then of course, there's Henry Kissinger, who was secretary of state during Rumsfeld's last stint in the DOD. Henry continues to make the headlines for his exploits "back in the day". "Henry Kissinger and the United States were more deeply involved than was previously thought in a 1970 plot to prevent a left-wing politician from becoming the president of Chile, CBS television news reported Sunday. The program "60 Minutes" quotes an independent researcher as saying the CIA sent a cable to its office in Chile instructing agents there to continue fomenting a military takeover. The cable came following a conversation with Kissinger, who at the time was President Nixon's national security adviser and later became secretary of state. According to researcher Peter Kornbluh, the order also came a day after Kissinger has said he cut off any attempt to undermine Chile's democratic government."
That one's from the AP wire, Sept. 9, 2001. You can read it and other documents about Henry's international career at the
Global Policy Forum

Yes to the World Criminal Court, But With America on Board
"With the successful prosecution and sentencing of Bosnian war criminals by the ad hoc international tribunal investigating atrocities in former Yugoslavia, now would seem a good time to push ahead with the current plan for a permanent court to catch and bring to justice some of the world's butchers and war criminals who still go free...
Officials from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on down have shown a marked distaste for the undertaking." And exactly why? We will be publishing details in coming days.

a loser from the start
"Bush named Donald Rumsfeld to be his secretary of defense... a job Rumsfeld held at the end of the Vietnam War. Give W. credit, it's shrewd and self-effacing to admit right at the start he needs people with experience dealing with hopeless, immoral calamities."

The boys at the Pentagon were tripping over their shoelaces with glee the day Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Secretary of Defense by our resident in the Whore House. With each day this relic from the Vietnam War era holds sway, the military industrial complex will prosper while our freedom erodes at taxpayer expense. Get rid of him and the illegally installed Miltary Junta NOW!